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What every newbie should know about ashtanga yoga

I’m sure you’ve all heard that yoga is good for you, but it can be hard to understand exactly what the specific benefits might be from person to person. To help newbies understand, we’re starting a series of profiles of our existing students so you can hear from the horse’s mouth how yoga can really help you.

We spoke to one of our regular ashtanga yoga clients, Tony, about why he practices yoga and how it benefits him.

Meet Tony

A yoga set to left off steam (especially for mummies!)

Want to try some yoga at home?

Why not practice along with our resident vitality yoga teacher, Suzy in her yoga video to let off steam.

Need more support? Join her for her No More Scary Mummy workshop on Sunday 3rd December. Book now.



Berkhamsted pilates - Why pilates might be for you

As we wind down from summer and look at getting back into our routines, have you considered Pilates as a new addition?

Our resident pilates teacher comes from an injury rehabiliation background so she can support all bodies and a number of injuries in the class.

5 reasons to practice yoga early in the morning

1. Feel good factor

What could be more virtuous than an early start with an invigorating yoga practice? The combination is hard to beat when it comes to feeling good about yourself. And, while getting up early can be challenging on even a good morning, once you’ve finished your yoga practice, you’ll begin the day
with a positive mindset and a spring in your step.

2. A healthy approach to the day

5 Tips to Wake Feeling More Refreshed

Top tips from our resident vitality yoga teacher, Suzy Webster on how to wake up feeling more refreshed. If you like the tips, join her for her 7th May workshop.

My first pilates class - Berkhamsted pilates

Berkhamsted pilates with Carly

As Marketing Manager at the studio I'm often busy running around with little time to try different classes, but I've recently been giving Carly's pilates classes a go.

If you haven't tried pilates I'd highly recommend her class. As a total newbie she makes you feel very comfortable and is great at accommodating your individual needs.

Our resident vitality yoga teacher's thoughts on our workshops

There is something truly delicious about booking in for a workshop and immersing yourself in an extended practice of yoga. It is even more tantalising when it is a workshop delivered by a teacher you are fond of. It becomes a homecoming of sorts, a reunion and a reaffirmation of what you know and where you are going. I had that pleasure this weekend with the wonderful Liz Lark, one of my first teachers in London who inspired me to go on and take my own yoga teacher training journey. Liz is one of a kind.

Eating disorders in teens and how yoga can help

Eating disorders affect over 725,000 people in the UK, so it's essential we're aware of the dangers of these diseases.

They can be caused by a combination of genetic, pyschological, environmental, social and biological factors. Risk factors include:

Why try shiatsu for pregnancy Shiatsu Berkhamsted

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage.  It is a safe and effective form of bodywork in pregnancy and the postpartum period.  Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary change and development for both mother and baby.  Regular shiatsu sessions can help the mother to adapt to the changes that are taking place.  The deep breathing and stretches encouraged by Shiatsu have been described by clients as “passive yoga”. 

Why should teens consider doing yoga? Teen yoga Berkhamsted

teen yoga berkhamsted

Teen yoga Berkhamsted

Teens are busy with school, other extracurricular activity and socialising - so why should they be interested in yoga?

Here are some real case studies for why it's worth it:

One of the students that our teen yoga teacher, Kate, has taught swims nationally. She's found that yoga complements the swimming activity and allows her to stretch out and look after her body.


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