Stability of the shoulders - ashtanga yoga therapy workshop with Rachel Grey - Saturday 22nd July - Sunday 23rd July

Saturday 22nd July - Sunday 23rd July, 2-5pm

Wondering how to ‘get through’ another Chaturanga?

Instead of ploughing your way through another yoga class, skimming over difficult aspects of practice like the Chaturanga, which most people do often without realising,
take the opportunity in this detailed workshop to spend some time discovering how to practice in a way that is not only therapeutic, progressive, and immensely gentle, but develops true strength in a gradual and intelligent manner which will sustain a lifetime of practice. This is not often taught in traditional classes or workshops.


This workshop will set you up with the tools to develop:
  • Steady strength on both physical and mental levels
  • Shoulder stability; stability throughout the whole practice and indeed in life
  • Being able to ‘hold the space’, for yourself and potentially for others
  • How to modify, if and when necessary
  • Use some of the most repeated movements in the Ashtanga series wisely
  • To automatically advance in other aspects of practice which require upper body strength; Bujapidasana, Pincha Mayurasana, Handstands
Who this workshop is for:
  • Beginners: For the chance to set up a strong foundation in detail not often given, to
    build a sustainable safe long term practice
  • Experienced practitioners: To correct mistakes which often go unnoticed in classes
    and workshops and start to transform and move forward
  • Teachers: Learn how to modify intelligently in a way that builds strength rather than
    avoids it and to share the practice with a wider range of students


Date & time: 
Saturday, 22 July, 2017 - 14:00 to 17:00

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